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The Kinhouse!

Daerundros / Sep 29, 2012
Our kinhouse has been purchased! The address is 8 Haven Way, Amon Luin, in the Falathlorn Homesteads. The Kinhouse is to be used as the Headquarters of our to-be In-character Organization (which is yet unnamed), and will serve also as a library. The house is for the majority still sparsely decorated, and I'll be out and about gathering items to place in the house. :)

Isn't she pretty? :D

Anyway, I've spurned a few housing items, paid upkeep, and bought storage chest, but if you'd like to contribute with your own housing items and/or crafting/other stuff you'd like to put in the chests (Bind to account and bind on acquire items don't work for housing chests), do send them to Daerundros and i'll stick em up. If the stuff is bound to you, just Ring me and together we can go to the kinhouse (You receive an automatic skill to port there) and place our objects.

Upkeep has been paid, but I would really appreciate if people also donated some money for the upkeep of the house. After all, I can't pay for it all by myself, and the upkeep is around 300 silver. It isn't much, but I'd still appreciate it if you guys could help out with upkeep.


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