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Selarthil "Telphindes" Dameth - Description

by Daerundros on Jul 30, 2012 at 02:51 PM}
Names: Telphindes, Dameth, Selarthil, Alagethorwen
Allignment: Lawful Good
Strengths: Hammer Proficiency, Battle Prowess, Cartographer, Bookworm, Empathic, Brave, Persevering
Weaknesses: Distrustful of other Races, Over-competitive, Penchant for Sarcasm, Over-assertiveness and Over-inflated Sense of Self-entitlement, Dislikes any form of Pity, A Jerk with a Heart of Gold

Appearance: With a somber demeanour to give away her warrior-like status, Selarthil appears to be standing at around 6'4 ft. tall. Her silvery hair cascades down her neck in a waterfall-esque style, sometimes swaying gently to her movements. Her eyes are a deep shade of Dark-blue. Her skin is white, and she appears rather muscled in contrast to the graceful lithe build sought by most Elven-women.

Her leather garb appears to be one suited for agility and quick striking. It's colour is all dark, a great contrast to her silvery hair, to perhaps help blend in with the night. What is quite unusual, however, is the Large War-hammer and oftentimes also a War-axe she carries on her back, as opposed to the traditional Wood-elven Sword. A bow also rests on her back.


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