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by Daerundros on Jul 30, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Names: Telphindes, Dameth, Selarthil, Alagethorwen
Allignment: Lawful Good
Strengths: Hammer Proficiency, Battle Prowess, Cartographer, Bookworm, Empathic, Brave, Persevering
Weaknesses: Distrustful of other Races, Over-competitive, Penchant for Sarcasm, Over-assertiveness and Over-inflated Sense of Self-entitlement, Dislikes any form of Pity, A Jerk with a Heart of Gold

Appearance: With a somber demeanour to give away her warrior-like status, Selarthil appears to be standing at around 6'4 ft. tall. Her silvery hair cascades down her neck in a waterfall-esque style, sometimes swaying gently to her movements. Her eyes are a deep shade of Dark-blue. Her skin is white, and she appears rather muscled in contrast to the graceful lithe build sought by most Elven-women.

Her leather garb appears to be one suited for agility and quick striking. It's colour is all dark, a great contrast to her silvery hair, to perhaps help blend in with the night. What is quite unusual, however, is the Large War-hammer and oftentimes also a War-axe she carries on her back, as opposed to the traditional Wood-elven Sword. A bow also rests on her back.
by Daerundros on Jul 30, 2012 at 02:24 PM
I'll just shamelessly toss this as a small Biographical Sum-up of my Elven characters. :P

Names: Fëaranië, Ruthoiël, Nethril, Thandethris
Allignment: Neutral Good
Strengths: Kind, Patient, Tolerant, Healing Abilities, Knowledge of Ancient History, Witness to the Light of the Two Trees (Calaquendi), Optimistic, Free-spirit, Persuasive
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Distrustful of other Races, Wary of Mankind, Overlooks Certain Things, Terrible Harpist, Tree-hugger who often tends to care more for the health of a Forest than Civilization, Secretly Guilt-Ridden, Prone to Apologizing Often

Appearance: This Fine Elf seems sprung from the very likeness of a wax-statue, appearing beautiful and elegant in a free-spirited way. Her eyes are a dark shade of grey and reflect the fiery temparament her Noldor kin hold, and she carries herself with a noble, confident assurance, reflected by the certainty in most of her actions. Her voice is a high, melodious soprano that is lilted with a thick Gondolindrim accent, identifiable by those who speak the Elven Tongues. Her honey-golden hair, alluding to Vanyarin Heritage, is carelessly strewn about her head in an unruly manner, implying her disregard for appearances.

Often garbed in fancy blue silk robes and dresses, one notable addition to her visage would be a small pouch tied at her hip, which if opened, reveals Candied Almonds that have been perfumed with the smell of a Simbelmynë Flower. Her signature dress is a turqoise silk, floor-touching gown with pinkish sleeves and belt, at the foot of which intricate designs of a Simbeylmë flower is woven into the silk. To match this, she is crowned with a fine circlet of silver that has Simbeylmë flowers attached on it. She also frequently carries a beautifully embroidered satchel with her, the contents of which would appear to be herbs and a few spices to boot.

Her face is often expressive, and almost always carries a light smile. Despite her friendly affectionate nature, however, she tends to shoot wary glances at Men and Dwarves, and she will often be intrigued when in a hobbit's presence.