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On Tuesday, September 25-26 2012, 8PM CET (2PM Servertime, 7PM BST), we are to make our way to Eregion to sniff out enemy scouts and remnants of the Warband. The Event will be held in a time-room of 2 days, to give people time to prepare and leave more time for the overall campaign.


A warband from Isengard has steadily been making it's way up north into Eriador and has left traces of destruction in it's wake. In Rivendell, forces have begun to move out to counter this new threat leaving it's mark on the map. Watchful scouts from Gwingris have been dispatched through the Wilderness to seek remnants of the Warband left behind, particularly Enemy Scouts and most dreaded of all, the Crebain. However, it is not only the scouts that the Elves struggle against: Dunlendings, in allegiance to Saruman, have begun to muster and regroup at Sâd Rechu, a Work Outpost set up by the Dunlendings who labour there to chop tree and branch for Saruman's use. There is also the nearby Half-Orc Infestation in Pend Eregion, as the brutes scale the hills upward from Pembar and form alliances with the Rock-worms dwelling there. Sâd Rechu must be destroyed, if not severly disabled, the Half-orcs driven out, and the Crebain must be driven out of the Land.

The procedure of the Event is as follows:

  1. March to Eregion - We are marching to Eregion out of Rivendell, dispatching enemies we come across.
  2. Rest in Gwingris - This gives us time to rest and plan ahead for the skirmishes against the Dunlendings, Crebain, and the Half-Orcs.
  3. Dispatch the Scouts - Two people will be chosen as scouts to observe Dunlending activity in Sâd Rechu, our first stop in the campaign.
  4. Wait for the scouts - Yes, it's dull, but this leaves people room to socialize and have fun.
  5. Strike on Sâd Rechu - We strike on Sâd Rechu. The attack itself will be a combination of Emotes/PvE.
  6. Driving out the Crebain - At some point in the campaign a small flock of Crebain are spotted heading East. We give chase to dispatch them before they report their findings to the Hand.

The rest of the two-day campaign won't be revealed to save the spoilerz. ;)

LEVEL RESTRICTIONS: Level 40+ (Recommended). We can guard you if you're lower than that, but expect to get chased a lot. :P

This will be the Map for our Campaign:


Path to Gwingris & Gwingris - The Path to Gwingris is simple. We set out from Rivendell, descending down into the High Moor, and take a left Fork to a path that leads down into Tâl Bruinen, then we follow the path until we come to a steep uprising and go straight till we see the Elf Ruins. Gwingris is the first Elf-Ruin and Sign of Civilization that we encounter within Eregion In-game, and where our campaign to exterminate the Warband starts.

March to Sâd Rechu - We begin the campaign by trying to exterminate the Dunlendings mustering at Sâd Rechu. Sâd Rechu is an In-game Lumber-site where the Dunlendings are cutting down Holly Trees for Saruman, and this will be our first stop in our skirmishes.

The Roosting Tree - The Crebain of Eregion roost here, and in our campaign, we need to burn this tree down to render the Crebain homeless and defenseless.

Half-Orc Infestation - This is the general area where one can find the Half-Orcs of Eregion prowling about. This will be our last stop in the campaign.
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