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The Sickness spreads... come, brothers and sisters, let us put an end to this grievous suffering!

The Malady Open Storyline will kick-start into action during the Hall of Fire Wednesday on August 15, 7PM CET (6PM BST). All characters who are involved are invited to attend the start of the journey as we depart Rivendell and make course to Evendim. Our first camping point shall be Thorenhad, where we will stay for a few days to RP out mini-plots, side-stories, and general chit-chat among our characters.

If your character is not yet involved in our company, there is naught to worry! There is still time on Tuesday for a chat with either Ruthoiel, Naurunir, Idhrelleth, or Arivien, who I am sure will not refuse more company in our journey for the precious Herb.

More details soon!

EDIT: Should there be a lack of characters, we will delay the event until Friday, August 17, at 8PM CET (7PM BST).
"I am no longer needed. I have done what I can do to fix what has been wronged, and I say this to you; You are now free of your bane."

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