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These are the recruitment processes for becoming a member of the kinship:

1. You will apply to the kinship through our application forms. Please answer all the questions where asked, and make them as detailed as possible!!

2. The officers will consult with each other over the application. Members may also give feedback over the applicant. If the applicant is deemed suitable, he will be accepted. If not, the application will be rejected. If we cannot come to an agreeable conclusion, we will interview the applicant.

3. You will be invited to the kinship, and kept a recruit for a minimum 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, which we call the Trial Period, you have the chance to prove your worth to the kinship by role-playing with us. The more you role-play with us and others, the better!

4. If no progress has been made after 2 weeks, you will be dismissed from the kinship. Members of the kinship will provide feedback of the applicant in question, which will determine if the Recruit may be promoted to a member or dismissed.

5. Alternatively, if you happen to be on leave from the game (IRL reasons, etc.) during that period, you may alert the officers to your absence, at which we will halt trial period. Trial Period will resume upon your return. :)

6. If you are new to Role-play, please don't hesitate to ask us for help! We're all happy to do so.

7. If a kinmember has not logged on for more than 60 days they will be given the Catapult and expelled from the kinship. For recruits this counts to 30 days. Cauns who have not logged on in more than 20 days will be demoted to Kinmember, where the 60-day countdown begins.
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