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Abound in the Shire

Shortly before crossing into Lindon, Ruthoiel bumps into another Elf, Iaurlam, and gets whisked into the Golden Perch Inn.

Threats from a Rider

A small group of travelling Mortals from Bree-town are discovered in the Trollshaws, stalked by an enigmatic rider and hunted for sport

Randir arrives in Imladris

The Wanderer arrives in Imladris, saved from certain death by Daerundros.

Farewell to the Summer!

Blessings are said and the Cold Weather is greeted as the Elves of Rivendell say goodbye to Summer.

Gatherings within the Hall

The last few days in Rivendell have been graced with much feasting and dancing within the Last Homely House

The Eorlingas arrive near the borders of Lothlórien

Daerundros and Cirdamir find themselves confronted with a pair of Eorlings close to the border of Lothlórien.

Destinations in Sight

The Company of Healers discuss possible travelling routes to Tinnúdir, freshly rested from their lates Foray into Southern Evendim

The Company arrives in the Shire

The Company of Healers arrives in the Shire, camped out by the Greenfields.

Riding towards their Goals

The Company of Healers look out from a viewpoint as they survey the Lands before them. The number of the company swells in this time.

Arriving in the Far Chetwood

The Company of Healers arrive in the Far Chetwood, in the Bree-lands

Rohirrim in Eregion!

A company of Rohirrim have been seen passing into the old Elven lands of Eregion. Hostilities ensue between the Eldar remaining there and the Eored.

Thorenhad the Refuge

The Company of Healers arrives in Thorenhad to camp and rest.

The Company Sets Out!

The Company determined to cure a strange sickness gripping wild animals near the Hoarwell sets out from Rivendell

Married under Starlight

Hîr Galdoriel and Hîril Rainith of Bar-en-Vanimar are married by the Valar's grace under the Star-lit Sky
Welcome to Glawar en Calidhil!
Welcome to "Radiance of the Moonlight", a heavy Role-play kinship devoted to Elven Role-play. We can be found on the Laurelin server.

Despite being a Kinship, we are no in-character group and hold no formal ranking structure to distinguish members.

Wait, what? Then what sort of goals do you hold and what sort of kinship are you?

Our Main goal is modelled after our sister Kinship, Thrice Lucky. Our main goal is to provoke character progression with the help of others through in-character interactions. We aim to create innovative, plot-driven Storylines by introducing Like-minded Role-players to each other and provoking character interaction through them. We accept only Elves, being an Elven kinship, and try to portray the elves of the Third Age as faithfully as we can. Despite being majorly devoted to Role-play, we are also a very laidback and relaxed kinship. Role-players come and go at various times during the day and Role-play sometimes happens spotaneously at any given time. Glawar en Calidhil differs from most other kins in that we are mostly loose, and do not force our members to attend events or participate in on-going Storylines. All are free to create their own Role-play or join other's (With permission of course!) and we strive to help those wishing to learn how to RP as best as we can.

To join the kinship, we require you to be:

  • Be willing to learn the lore of Tolkien and Elves. Basic understanding of the world of Middle-earth is highly encouraged.
  • An Elf :D
  • A friendly and sociable person with basic understanding of English Grammar and Language.

Is this your sort of kinship? If so, then feel free to contact us or apply! ;)

Daerundros / Sep 29, 2012
Our kinhouse has been purchased! The address is 8 Haven Way, Amon Luin, in the Falathlorn Homesteads. The Kinhouse is to be used as the Headquarters of our to-be In-character Organization (which is yet unnamed), and will serve also as a library. The house is for the majority still sparsely decorated, and I'll be out and about gathering items to place in the house. :)

Isn't she pretty? :D

Anyway, I've spurned a few housing items, paid upkeep, and bought storage chest, but if you'd like to contribute with your own housing items and/or crafting/other stuff you'd like to put in the chests (Bind to account and bind on acquire items don't work for housing chests), do send them to Daerundros and i'll stick em up. If the stuff is bound to you, just Ring me and together we can go to the kinhouse (You receive an automatic skill to port there) and place our objects.

Upkeep has been paid, but I would really appreciate if people also donated some money for the upkeep of the house. After all, I can't pay for it all by myself, and the upkeep is around 300 silver. It isn't much, but I'd still appreciate it if you guys could help out with upkeep.
Daerundros / Sep 18, 2012
I am pleased to announce that Osilivren, our jewelled Elf, has agreed to become a Caun for the kinship! He will join the other Cauns in regards to recruitment, event brainstorming, and decisions on Officer-meetings! Please congratulate him and let us wish him well for the days that lie ahead within Glawar en Calidhil!

Daerundros / Sep 15, 2012
I've been seeing a couple of recruits that haven't logged in for a few days, and I'd like to remind recruits that they should log in at least once every 20 days to avoid getting kicked out of the kin. If your absence is due to RL reasons, please do inform us in the "Absences and Leaves" subforum.

If you are kicked out of the kin but return, however, you are free to ask us for an invite back into the kin, provided you try to stay more active. :)
Daerundros / Sep 12, 2012
I know I'll probably get hit for posting this so late, but I'll go ahead and stick it on here anyway :P

I kindly request all those who can and will to attend tomorrow's Preparation and Rehearsal Night on 7PM CET (6PM BST). We will be tackling the following points tomorrow:

  • Speeches
  • Musicians
  • Escort Company for Friday Evening
  • Choice of Music
  • Host(s)
  • Rehearsal

I would please, please request everyone who CAN come tomorrow evening to show up at the Marketplace of Rivendell. Rehearsals will be treated OOCly.
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